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Our standard price amounts to 50% of the GoDaddy estimate price. For some weeks now you can grab most of our domains for just 35% of the GoDaddy estimate price!. However, as there as been some competing bids and interest for some domains, those – 11 domains – are now exempted from the sale. Signs of increasing interest for the concept…?

However as those domains exempted from the 25% sale of the GoDaddy appraisal value. may not be actually sold yet, you can absolutely go to and place a bid there, as long as the domain is listed for sale there

The 35% price will last until September 9th 2023. From That day . the prices will be adjusted back to the 50% level, So, grab your chance now!

If you find the “buy now” price at higher than the prices here, you just place your bid equal with the price you find here.

  • How to buy. One simple and safe way to buy is to use the trusted domain broker when there, look for Norvoice . Nearly all the domains for sale here will be available at

Some years ago innovative persons started to register 365 and 247 domains to hold generic . com domains and gradually those domains increased in value as the demand for them was growing.

So will the 20x domains – domains for this century – follow suit and double their value many times during the coming years? Many factors will decide that, but we have reasons to believe so.

Below we compare those 3 categories by value for some generic .com domains.

Domain value according to GoDaddy in USD

Domain variant: com
casino $ 25.000+ $ 11.927 $ 8191 $ 1183
crypto $ 25.000+ $ 12.291 $ 11.072 $ 1174
cars $ 25.000+ $ 6.743 $ 5.886 $ 1021
climate $ 25.000+ $ 2.151 $ 1.638 $ 806
altcoins $ 23.213 $ 1.247 $ 1.153 $ 407
cryptotalk $ 12.796 $ 747 $ 709 $ 224

Grab your chance, buy good domains for bargain prices! We have 4 categories: 4-5 characters .com domains. Generic domains. Crypto-domains and finally one extra group with domains of different categories


Below, we show an example of an application you can use to start your Crypto-website with one of our Crypto-domains…….

Domains: affordable premium domains