Crisis triggers innovations!

We members of the human race has long time ago proven our capabilities for adaption and survival.

To survive and get by, you sometimes have to act – and adapt – fast. All signs are that we are living in such times just now.

We have for the last years learnt about the meaning and implications of the word disruptive, changes in technology and not least the way to use that to create new opportunities, and sadly for the old guard, threaten their livelihood of those. Among the widest and best known examples are how online shopping has been revolutionizing the the way we buy our gadgets etc..

These very days our world is confronted with a very serious threat, Covid-19. Not only is a matter of health and medical survival, but the worlds economy are also badly affected. The experts agree, that this time it is worse than the Financial crises of 2008/9 .

So accordingly, now we/you have to act and adapt fast. It will pay off!

And no doubt about it, the threshold to start a business online, is by far more achievable for most of us in the present situation.

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