Algorithms versus Visions and strategy.

Here at we use GoDaddy’s algorithms based appraisals as a reference for the price we ask for our domains. However when it comes to real sales of domains, we frequently see that domains are sold for sums far above those algorithm based appraisals. Some examples of much higher prices for real sales from the … Read more

The 365/247 story, and how we aim to write a new chapter..

For years now they have been familiar to us , the domains with 365 and 247 endings. This now familiar “extra” was born out of a sort of necessity. The originals, the domains like , , etc was taken and only maybe available in the broker markets, and if so, for almost … Read more

Your chance is NOW!

Yes, as you can read in another peace on this page, when a crisis plays out, you have to act fast. We did, and created the concept to make premium .com domains available for a reasonable price. You can even get yours almost for free, if it is not already among the approximately 100 … Read more

Crisis triggers innovations!

We members of the human race has long time ago proven our capabilities for adaption and survival. To survive and get by, you sometimes have to act – and adapt – fast. All signs are that we are living in such times just now. We have for the last years learnt about the meaning and … Read more