Algorithms versus Visions and strategy.

Algorithms versus Visions and strategy

Here at we use GoDaddy’s algorithms based appraisals as a reference for the price we ask for our domains. However when it comes to real sales of domains, we frequently see that domains are sold for sums far above those algorithm based appraisals.

Some examples of much higher prices for real sales from the last weeks

According to DNW – – the domain was sold for a hefty $15 million., reported by .That domain sale is second only to at $30 million for all-time publicly announced domain sales.

The algorithm valuation of was $7,598

And talking about high end sales, DNW also newly report that Hubspot acquired the domain name for $10 million.

Of course these examples are exceptios, but if you chech the well established DNJournal at you will find other exales from the more “normal” transactions.

Of some special interest for us dealing with attributes for .com-domains, like 20x: From DNJournal list of recent sales you will find the sale of, sold for $13,500 at The GoDaddy appraisal says $2,236

So, there is hope for far higher prices in the future than those we at, are selling our domains for..

Imagine if/when the concept catches more steam …

You can be an early investor and not least also contribute to campaign for the 20x concept to harvest profits in the coming years.