Who are we?

Norvoice A.S is a small Norwegian company working within information, web publishing and not least, innovating, developing and launching new web-related projects.

What is our history within the domain-business?

Norvoice started buying domains approx. 15 years ago, most of them to be ready for all our ideas for new projects, when ready to launch.

However as a tiny company a lot our ideas for new projects, never got beyond the drawing-board. There is a limit to how many projects a tiny company can create and get ready to launch. So at this point we decided to sell most of our domains Most of this domains are like the 20x -domains up for sale at dan.com. Many of them are suitable for cryptocurrency related purposes.

Why this 20x concept.?

As most of the good domains are already taken, or are very expensive to buy from domain-broker, we saw the need to come up with a new concept: An affordable way to get a premium generic-word domain. And voila, the 20x concept was born!

Why just 20x?

We came up with different options. The 20x fits our wish list in many ways. It was available for “any” combination we tried, except one….. We are in a relatively new decennium so the 20xx will be there for another nearly 80 years. We chose to make it a domain for this century, adding the x instead of keeping the 2000.

But buying a 20x domain from you is not that cheap?

Remember we have just registered the most used common generic words. There will be thousands of other 20x domains you can register yourself, just paying the average fee of US$ 15.00.

What are the chances that the 20x domains will be as popular – and valuable – as the 365 and 247 domains?

That is up to the market, to the degree it catches on. If many start using it, the search engines will pick that up and the popularity will grow. You can check todays valuations comparing the 365 and 247 with the 20x extension at our homepage.

In other words, the more of us/you start to use the 20x concept, the more valuable the domains will get.