The 365/247 story, and how we aim to write a new chapter..

For years now they have been familiar to us , the domains with 365 and 247 endings.

This now familiar “extra” was born out of a sort of necessity. The originals, the domains like , , etc was taken and only maybe available in the broker markets, and if so, for almost insane high sums..

Then human innovation kicked in, and the we got, and – the 365.coms were born! And in he same sequensce aslo the 247’s

Those three 365 domains today are valued at GoDaddy appraisals for respectively US $ 8.178, US $ 9384 and US $ 11.627

We and our 20x concept are far away from that point per now,,,but if and when more and more of us start using them, the 20x ‘s will increase in popularity and price.

You yourself can join in and hope for a good return on your investment. Either you just need it for your online presence or are aiming to profit on joining the force by investing and buy your 20x domains from “scratch” like buying just paying the registration fee for your favourite words.

Then furthermore you have a lot of tld’s to choose from, your country or some of the new “fancy” ones like . online, .live and .news etc.

Or even buy from us, if you are in need for a Premium .com domains with the generic short well known words like bank, casino etc,

You can contact us directly, or buy at